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Client Testimonials

Rae Ann

I consider myself ‘non-athletic’. However, as a middle-aged woman hitting the dating scene for the first time in over 20 years I was looking for someone to help me ‘get my sexy on’. Beyond Fitness did just that.

The team at Beyond Fitness is down to earth, and friendly. As a single mother of two children I need someone to be flexible with my schedule, and Beyond Fitness is. The atmosphere in the gym is relaxed, and I do not care about what I wear or get intimidated by other members.

My personal trainer, Dane, works with me on setting realistic goals, walks me through every set of exercises despite my short memory, and is truly the only reason I make working out a priority every week.

I would strongly recommend Beyond Fitness to help you ‘get your sexy on’.



Everyone at Beyond Fitness make you feel comfortable no matter what fitness level you are at. They effectively individualize classes and programs to fit your abilities. These are true professionals who are friendly and very willing to help you achieve you fitness goals.



I have been working with Dane as my personal trainer for about a year now. He and Connie helped me to outline my personal fitness goals – and to schedule sessions at my convenience throughout the year to make progress toward meeting those goals. At each session, they always take the extra time to ask how I am feeling and to really listen. Dane keeps me involved in the strength training process by continually monitoring and observing my performance and by asking me questions along the way, i.e. “How did that feel? Do you think you could have done one more rep, or was that about the max? On a scale of 1-10, how difficult was that?” These questions are helpful for him knowing my current areas for improvement and strengths as well as being incredibly clarifying for me evaluating my own progress. Dane and Connie are friends as well as fitness mentors, and I am grateful to them and the offerings at Beyond Fitness.



My husband and I absolutely love Beyond Fitness and our trainer, Dane. We can’t say enough about the great workouts he plans for us, and I love how he incorporates a combination of tough exercises and favorites, so there’s always something to be proud of “beating” and something to look forward to.

Most surprising is all the non-workout things that have improved. My overall confidence has increased and I can focus on tasks for longer. I am demonstrably more successful after making workouts a consistent part of my weekly routine. Plus, if I’m having a bad day, I always feel better after my workout.

Regular day-to-day tasks like laundry, running after the kids, and moving furniture around the house are all WAY easier now. It’s why I particularly like the Beyond Fitness focus on “functional fitness.”

The Beyond Fitness trainers do an assessment, then plan a custom program based on what you care about, then after about 6 weeks you re-assess and get a whole new custom program. It’s perfect – enough repetition to see real progress in each exercise (e.g., lifting a heavier weight, being able to do more reps, or being able to do the same number of reps faster), but short enough time that you have a whole new workout to look forward to before you get bored.

We have a running joke that Dane is psychic, because he always knows exactly when to pull back or when to push you a little harder. I had several old chronic injuries from before I started at Beyond Fitness, and Dane worked around each of them, then helped me strengthen those areas so that I wouldn’t have problems anymore. Dane has more training and better instincts than any other personal trainer we’ve ever met, and it really shows. All personal trainers are not created equal.

We thought personal training wouldn’t be affordable, but it wasn’t bad at all, because there are often deals and you can buy multiple workouts at once and get a bulk discount. Frankly, at this point, the consistent workouts have been so good for every aspect of our lives that we would cancel or cut back on a lot of other things before we’d give them up.

It took us a long time to gave personal training a try – we pretty much tried everything else first, and had a lot of preconceived notions. We’re so glad we finally found Beyond Fitness, and want everyone else to find them too!



I would highly recommend Beyond Fitness to anyone looking for an affordable way to get into shape, or improve their fitness. After months of trying to accomplish my fitness goals myself, I finally admitted that I had reached a plateau. Luckily, I found Beyond Fitness and decided to give personal training with Dane Kelly a try. I went in wanting mostly to increase my strength, and also to reduce body fat. Between my first and second assessment, I could feel my body changing. I felt stronger, my pants were fitting more comfortably, and I’ll admit, I even caught myself checking out my butt in the mirror – something that I would have never done before (thank you for all the squats, Dane!)When the results from my final assessment came back, I knew that Dane and Beyond Fitness had helped me not only reach, but surpass my goals. I lost 3% body fat, while doubling my leg press and bench press strength. I’m thrilled with the progress that I’ve made with my fitness, and I cannot thank Dane enough for pushing me and accommodating my physical limitations (arthritis flare ups and knee injuries) while keeping me on track.

The greatest part about Beyond Fitness is that they really live up to the name. They focus on more than just physical fitness, and made sure to check in on my nutrition and mental health throughout the process. Connie and Dane are incredibly welcoming and made my experience with personal training a truly enjoyable (albeit sweat-inducing) endeavor.

Whether you are beginning your fitness journey, or just need a little extra help getting to the next level, I’d suggest training at Beyond Fitness. The people are friendly, the sessions are affordable, and best of all, your goals become attainable.



I love Beyond Fitness!  When I decided it was time to get healthy I purchased an expensive gym membership to a large very popular facility but didn’t use it because I was so intimidated just walking through the door.  At Beyond Fitness I feel more comfortable because the minute I walked into their door someone noticed me.  Everyone at Beyond Fitness is invested in my personal journey to get healthy.During small group classes the trainers take the time to focus on each individual, making sure you are executing the moves correctly and challenging yourself at every station.  Their enthusiasm during workout helps me to get and stay motivated for the entire class.

I recommend Beyond Fitness to anyone, whether you’re just starting out and apprehensive about doing so or you have been exercising a long time.  In either case they can help you achieve your goals whatever they may be.  Plus you won’t be paying the high joining or membership fees I know I did at the other gyms.

I have been working out at Beyond Fitness for well over a year and I never leave feeling like I haven’t been pushed to succeed.  It is a great facility to get the “hands on” training you need to start and continue a healthy lifestyle.


Whether you are a size 2 or 20 you feel comfortable working out here and improving your health.  There is a true sense of comradery with staff and members.


I have been playing hockey my whole life right up into a professional career and working out has just been something I have always done.  The trainers here have taught me exercises I’ve never seen or done before which have pushed me beyond my limits.  Being a competitive person that’s something I love.  I have done both personal and group training and have never left the building feeling like I haven’t worked hard enough.  Beyond Fitness does a great job in group training of creating different levels of each exercise to cater to people of every fitness level.  I’ve been going to Beyond Fitness for over a year and I feel as though I may be in the best shape of my life.


Amazing, affordable, customized workouts!


I have had great experiences with the trainers here at Beyond Fitness.  They’re very personable, dedicated, and make me feel very comfortable.  Every minute is worth every penny. Whether it’s meeting new goals or I need motivation to get myself started, it’s great to be in their gym.  Their knowledge is extremely extensive and the workouts are designed just for you and your body’s current performance level.  I have had several trainers over the years, but the bond that I’ve had with this group of people is special, because they care.  Give Beyond Fitness a shot. Try not to stick to just your regular workout routine – Go Beyond It.