Don’t know where to start on your health & fitness goals? 

We’re here to help.  Join us for the kickoff of the B-FIT New Year’s Challenge

Get in GREAT shape with effective workouts and a simple eating plan that will rev up your metabolism and have you looking and feeling fantastic!  This challenge is all about hitting the reset button for the New Year. That means resetting your nutrition, training and mindset!

You see, the body is a funny thing! It needs to be trained just right to make sure that you are keeping your lean muscle.  It doesn’t want to be starved and overworked.  We have worked hard to dial in on a program that will help you get in great shape without sacrificing all that you enjoy.

If you are eager to look your best and feel even better, we want you to join our B-FIT New Year’s Challenge!  Our challenge will take place from February 7th – March 21st.  It will be 6 weeks of training, nutrition and coaching.  Orientation begins February 6th-8th.  Once you register, more details will be forthcoming about orientation, etc.

This challenge isn’t just about weight loss; it is about looking and feeling your best! While weight loss will certainly be a part of the program for many, we don’t just want to focus on the weight.  We want to focus on looking and feeling great!  During these six weeks, we are looking for you to make lifestyle changes, not just looking for the next quick fix.  Although we are here to train & coach, YOU will be a critical component to getting the RESULTS you are looking for.

ANYONE can get results with this program, whether you are a beginner or if you have been training for years.  If you are ready to make changes to your body and overall health by following our simple, but effective, nutrition and training guidance plan, we are ready to work with you! The only results that are unattainable are those that you aren’t willing to do the work for.

What do you get in the B-FIT New Year’s Challenge:

  • Personal Training or Group Training sessions
  • Fun and healthy recipes
  • Health and fitness workshop
  • Accountability coaching
  • Goal setting
  • Weight, body fat & measurement charting
  • Travel and At Home Workouts
  • A CHANCE to WIN (minimum of $750 worth of prizes will be awarded)
  • And more!

WINNERS will be determined by
Total % of body weight and Total % of body fat LOSS


The cost of this 6 week program FOR NEW CLIENTS is:

Small Group Training options

  • For $59 you will get items listed in the (What do you get … section above) along with SIX Small Group Training sessions (SGT Metabolic Resistance, Gain Abs/Lose Flab & Cardio Blast sessions)   NOTE:  We have different Group Training punch cards that you may want to consider, to go along with this option. We suggest adding our 6 or 8 punch cards which are $69 / $79.  You might also choose this option if you plan to train at home or at another facility and just want to try out our training and get in on the challenge.  Or if you are looking for more sessions at a great price or want to consider personal training……See options below.
  • For $199 you will get items listed in the (What do you get … section above) along with UNLIMITED Group Training sessions for SIX weeks (SGT Metabolic Resistance, Gain Abs/Lose Flab & Cardio Blast sessions)   If you would attend all sessions available, each session would only be $5/session


Personal Training and Group options for New personal training clients only

  • For $283 you will get items listed in the (What do you get … section above) along with (12) 45 minute Personal Training sessions
  • For $337 you will get items listed in the (What do you get … section above) along with (12) 60 minute Personal Training sessions
  • For an additional $40 you can add (6) Group Training sessions to the personal training packages above ($80 for (12) Group Training sessions) which comes to only $6.66/session


45 min PT sessions included above are only $22.00/session during the challenge
60 min PT sessions included above are only $26.50/session during the challenge
** If you would like to purchase more than (12) PT sessions, you can add them at these rates.  All new clients who purchase a Personal Training package, will also receive a comprehensive health & fitness evaluation prior to starting your initial session.

If interested, (2) payment installments can be made (One payment at registration/One at end of week 3)

So if you’re ready to have your clothes fitting better, have more energy (without stimulants), begin sleeping better, reduce anxiety, along with a multitude of other benefits … REGISTER TODAY.

We are taking a limited number of participants into the B-FIT New Year’s Challenge, to ensure great results.  Don’t hesitate and let YOUR spot get filled.  Starting at only $59, you can start your journey to a healthier and happier you.  (MINIMUM of 10 participants required to hold challenge and prices only apply during this challenge)

To REGISTER or for more information, all you have to do is email or call:


 Schedule for Group Sessions

Total Body Conditioning / Metabolic Resistance

Monday 6A, 7A, 9:30A, 5P          Wednesday 6A, 7A, 11:30A, 5P, 6P          Friday 6A, 7A, 5:15P

Gain Abs / Lose Flab

Tuesday  9:45A           Thursday 4:30P          Saturday 10A

Cardio Blast

Tuesday 5P          Thursday 9:45A          Saturday 8:45A