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Youth Training

There are countless benefits that are often overlooked in youth fitness

Increased Self-Esteem
Weight Management
Enhanced Athletic Performance
Improved Attention and Focus
Increased Flexibility
Greater Endurance
Gains in Strength and Power
Increased Speed
Decreased Anxiety
Help Fight Childhood Obesity
Building a Base for a Healthy Lifestyle as an adult
Better Eating Habits
Getting Kids Active
Better Sleep Patterns
Building and Maintaining Healthy Bones
Promote Physiological Wellness
Today many parents are looking for certified personal trainers to help with:
  • Encouraging healthy lifetime habits now while they are young
  • Improving sports performance and sports skill training using state of the art equipment, facilities, and training methodologies
  • Weight management;  Is your child struggling with a weight/body fat concern (According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, 30% of children aged 6 to 18 are overweight, and another 15% are obese)
  • Overcoming obstacles that may be keeping your youth from getting involved in organized or competitive team sports
  • Encouraging their kids to just get started with a fitness routine and then help them find activities they enjoy and will do on their own
  • Making sure their youth is learning proper form & techniques, in a fun and safe environment

All of our youth training sessions will be lead by Advanced Certified Personal Trainers (A-CPT), with backgrounds specializing in youth.   We will help enhance the lives of our youth, from the athlete to the non-competitive youth, by always providing a challenging, motivating & fun training environment. If your youth is training with us, know that our prime focus is on keeping them safe and injury free. Regardless of which type of training session they attend, our energetic staff will create a learning opportunity filled with efficient movement patterns and encouraging optimal performance.



  • Individualized youth personal training (the most efficient ways to reach their specific goals).  To find more detailed information about personal training, go to Quick Links / Personal Training at the bottom of this page.


  • ELEVATE YOUR GAME….Looking to improve overall athletic performance in any sport or athletic competition? These sessions will blend training techniques to build power and strength, enhance cardio endurance, improve speed/quickness/agility and increase core strength, all of which are necessary for athletes to excel. By using plyometrics, body weight exercises, a combination of innovative training tools, cardiovascular equipment, along with weight machines, we will keep your youth challenged and having fun in every session. We will include effective warm-ups, drills, age appropriate strength training and games to enhance overall sport performance.

 To ensure top quality training for our youth, we have joined forces with the (IYCA) International Youth Conditioning Association, the premier international authority in Youth Sports Performance Training & Youth Fitness

Several of our youth specific certifications and courses have been obtained through this organization and we firmly believe in their mission, some of which is listed below.
  • We believe that developmentally-sound, fun and goal-oriented exposure to fitness and sports is a necessary building block in progressing through the formative years into adulthood.
  • Our mission is to fulfill our duty as the leaders of the youth fitness and sport training industry and help reform the quality and care we are providing for our youth.

Interested in learning how we can help your child be the best that they can be?
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